Surviving The Teenage Years


Randy Brazzel MA, LPC, LMFT

  1. Learn to recognize the normal developmental struggles of teenagers.
  2. Learn to recognize the signs of problems and get help if you need it.
  3. Be a parent, not a friend.
  4. Recognize that a permissive attitude toward alcohol and/or drug usage leads toward more usage, not less.
  5. Set clear, consistent, predictable rules that have natural consequences that you can enforce.
  6. Tell your kids that you love them.
  7. Separate the person from the behavior.
  8. Play together as a family and with each of your kids individually.
  9. Be respectful and expect respect in return.
  10. Help teenagers develop a realistic understanding of life.

Remember that your job as a parent is to provide a loving, safe environment for your kids to grow and to develop the foundation they will need for the rest of their lives. By helping your teenager develop the skills they need to deal with the many challenges of life they will become self-sufficient and no longer require your constant guidance.