Effectively Managing Anger


Randy Brazzel MA, LPC, LMFT

  1. Learn how to cool off – Learning how to control your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you is an important skill to develop. A goal is to be able to think clearly and think at the same time. It is often helpful to disengage from situations in order to “cool off” when you are angry. This can be done either by physically disengaging or by emotionally detaching from the situation. For example, it is much easier to keep from arguing if you are not in the same room with the person you are mad at.
  2. Manage your expectations.
  3. De-escalate early rather than letting the anger build.
  4. Learn to see both sides of the situation.
  5. Deal with old hurts and wounds.
  6. To change your feelings change your thinking.
  7. To change your feelings change your behavior.
  8. Develop empathy.
  9. Learn to laugh again.
  10. Communicate effectively
  11. Seek first to understand before seeking to be understood
  12. Manage your time more effectively.
  13. Be Humble rather than Arrogant.
  14. Learn to play again.
  15. Take things out of the life and death category
  16. Learn to use anger constructively rather than destructively
  17. Exercise
  18. Develop patience.
  19. Look for win-win (Find the common ground)
  20. Quit trying to control those things that are out of your control.
  21. Let go